Too much heaven

Well there goes another summer down the tubes! I've lived through nine neverending summers in this town, which feels like an Olympics-level achievement for somebody like me, who is not known for her patience or endurance, although it isn't even that much of an achievement, honestly, if you think about it. All you have to do is be able to sit still or lie around or dodge from one briskly air-conditioned environment to another and once in a while wait for a bus to come along. Eating and napping at any hour of day, these are not difficult tasks. Yet I succeeded! I was also wildly bored and a little lonely, but that's part of life sometimes, too, and nothing to cry over.

In June I decided to start taking my coffee "black," and I made it through that gauntlet with flying colors. No longer am I the lackey of any state's milk advisory board or the drinker of some restaurant's weak-ass idea of "cream." I also set out with the goal of enjoying a theatrical experience again, even if it was only at the movies and not some $180+ Broadway show seat. The good news is there's not as much crap out there as I thought there would be. (There is no bad news.) In the evenings I plowed through many books, and I streamed not only all of Mad Men but all of Grace & Frankie and Catastrophe and Togetherness and one or two I'm probably forgetting about.

My song of the summer was Billy Joel's "Summer Highland Falls," which is nearly 40 years old. What can I say, it holds up. I binge-listened to "Another Round" and "Mystery Show" and the Charles Manson series on "You Must Remember This." Poor Dennis Wilson, his tragic tangential involvement in the whole Manson saga was news to me. Podcasts are how I'll be absorbing all of my history lessons from now on—I'll learn so much just by walking to and fro the Whole Foods or Book Culture on the autumnal Saturday and/or Sunday mornings to come.

In conclusion this is my favorite picture from the summer, because while the backdrop is clearly fake, the scene itself takes place in February, which is a reminder that we have many frigid gray months to look forward to. Weather-wise I'm the exact opposite of normal people.

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