Two things the internet brought me today

Enjoy this beautiful day // Wire & Twine // 07 13 2015

Enjoy this beautiful day // Wire & Twine // 07 13 2015

BOOBS! Ha ha



But seriously, just the t-shirt. I got this from Wire & Twine, a Cincinnati-based design concern co-owned by Chris Glass, who I've been following online for close to a decade. Of all the blogs I've ever loved that were owned by someone I've never met, his was one of my favorites. I keep it in my Occasional bookmarks folder in the hopes that someday a new post will magically appear. He actually wrote a thank you and signed the packing slip for the shirt, and it was just like getting a note from an old friend.

+ I miss blogs still. I miss the welcome mats, the lights in the windows, those voices you heard through open doorways. I know it's useless, I know I'm a dreamer and I repeat myself over and over on this topic, as if blogs are going to save us (p.s. nothing's going to save us)—but come back, old dead blogs! Come back!