The school of life

I used to always get sort of cagey when somebody asked me "What did you do this weekend?" or "What have you been up to?" or "What's new?" because usually the answer is "nothing." Not literally "nothing," because everything is something, but nothing I deem worthy of recounting for the edification of others' lackadaisical curiosity (outside of this riveting blogspace, yo). It's not news that from an external perspective my life is a total snore, and I used to feel guilty about that. Or not so much guilty as lame. Look at where I live and how exciting that should be 24 hours a day! Except it isn't. And I don't want it to be; 24-hour-a-day excitement is probably my worst nightmare. I would be dead within 14 hours, tops. And it only recently occurred to me that this is fine (not the dead part); it's fine if my life is boring to others. "Is my life boring to others?" is not a question I need to spend even a second of my own boring time pondering. Nobody has to like my life but me. Nobody gets to have an opinion on how it takes me three hours to read the paper on a Saturday morning because I'm also watching TV and typing on this laptop and dialing up Youtubes and have zero other ambitions for the day. I don't have to wait for anybody's say-so on my business. And maybe you've known about this trick for decades, but for me it was very freeing, that knowledge. I am now free.