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Screwball poetics: The Thin Man

NORA: Who is she?

NICK: Oh, darling, I was hoping I wouldn't have to answer that.

NORA: Go on.

NICK: Well, Dorothy is really my daughter. You see, it was spring in Venice, and I was so young I didn't know what I was doing! We're all like that on my father's side.

NORA: By the way, how is your father's side?

NICK: Oh, it's much better, thanks.

NORA: Say, how many drinks have you had?

NICK: This will make six martinis.

NORA (to waiter): Alright, will you bring me five more martinis, Leo? Line them up right here.

— Myrna Loy and William Powell in The Thin Man, screenplay by Albert Hackett and Frances Goodrich (from Screwball: Hollywood's Madcap Romantic Comedies by Ed Sikov)