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Things I love about New York #563

Today at lunchtime I strolled out of my building to find WILLIAM HURT filming Damages right here on the street where I live. It was the kind of super-casual thing where the P.A. asks you to wait 30 seconds while they "finish the scene," and then when you finally get to shuffle on down the sidewalk you try to turtle your neck inside your faded navy blue Eddie Bauer zip-front hooded sweatshirt because, well, it's WILLIAM HURT, while at the same time you're hoping somehow WILLIAM HURT will spot you and suddenly shout, "Tell that girl to come over here and marry me!" because he's into faded navy blue hooded sweatshirts and the thirtysomething chicks who wear them when they run out at lunchtime to buy a new bottle of Aleve and a coupla Brita water filters.