Leader of the people

Look at Martin Sheen for a while, I got some marching to do.

Ahem: middle-aged Martin Sheen in a vest holding a stick is my Kryptonite.

Ditto Martin Sheen on a dark street corner in autumnal New Hampshire. If I'm not mistaken, in this important flashback scene with best pal Leo, he is also wearing boat shoes. Boat shoes! May that trivial yet delightful factoid console you as needed.

#1 egg joke

I'm starting a Sunday night ritual West Wing season 1 rewatch tonight (try saying that five times fast), in honor of it reminding me of a) autumn, b) the year 2000, and c) Martin Sheen and his amazingly large head. Also this: 

+ I know every episode of season 1 almost by heart but am also catching up with recaps at Joe Reid's Process Stories tumblr, since the TWoP archives have tragically disappeared. Ugh, corporate internet, do you ever not disappoint?