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In the bathroom
doorknob copy.jpg

p.s. A tiny bathroom: this is taken from my perch on the side of the tub after my Sunday night ritual very hot bath. The ritual is I take a very hot bath and shave my legs and listen to the Big Bang Theory on TBS coming from the other room (there are only two rooms) only now I also think about how I've been performing this ritual here in the Snuggery every Sunday night for 11 years and how next year I plan to be in a tub somewhere else (apart from reading the weekend paper on actual paper, this is the only ritual I care about, and it pre-dates New York City by decades). Sunday night baths are the best! You can't have a Monday without one!

I've decided it's time to look at what I look at every day here and see. The clock is ticking, so the recording starts now.

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