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Surprise weekend in Rhode Island

Our friend Steve, who lives in MN, arranged a special surprise birthday party for our friend Esther, who lives in Providence, and kindly invited Sarah and me (who live in NYC), Roxie (who lives in New Jersey), and Chris (who lives in Boston), to help celebrate. And OHMIGOODNESS we had fun. I will travel with these cats any time, and especially if Roxie drives us around Newport—summer home to many an American aristocrat in the gilded age—in her long black shiny Cadillac. YOW.

Anyway, here are Steve and Esther at her birthday dinner. She was pretty surprised.

Today we toured The Breakers, which was built by Cornelius Vanderbilt and home to many subsequent and simultaneous Vanderbilts. I was kind of tired during the tour so maybe I listened wrong, but I think they said there are a million rooms here. It felt like it! All I know is I saw zero TVs. What sad, empty lives they must have led.

Alas! We are not Vanderbilts. But at least I took my glasses off for once, to prove I have a face.

On the beautiful coast in Newport.

This is Rosecliff; They filmed The Great Gatsby here for pete's sake, as well as something awful starring Katherine Heigl.

This is my new house, overlooking the Atlantic. I will be moving in next weekend, so do come visit! Bring money.

Hark! I spy some Vanderbilts, rolling the lawns at Rosecliff.

But I think this is my favorite. Happy birthday, Esther!

As you would expect, there are many more photos here. I love living on the East Coast.