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The last interview: Nora Ephron

NPR has a piece by Maureen Corrigan today about the release of a new series of books that include the final interviews of Ernest Hemingway, Philip K. Dick, and Nora Ephron:

As I was reading the Ephron collection, I kept thinking back to something Hemingway said in one of his interviews about his legendary editor, Maxwell Perkins: "I cared so much for Max Perkins that I have never been able to accept that he is dead." Yeah. It's a little startling, still, to see Ephron's face on the cover of a Last Interview paperback; I half hope to hear her voice from the Beyond assuring us fans, "Someday, this, [too], will be a story!"

Hello. I’m here. And by the way.
And one of the most delicious things about the profoundly parasitical world of blogs is that you don’t have to have anything much to say. Or you just have to have a little tiny thing to say. You just might want to say hello. I’m here. And by the way. On the other hand. Nevertheless. Did you see this? Whatever. A blog is sort of like an exhale. What you hope is that whatever you’re saying is true for about as long as you’re saying it. Even if it’s not much.
— Nora Ephron