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The art of losing
There’s precious little solace for this, and zero redress; we will lose everything we love in the end. But why should that matter so much? By definition, we do not live in the end: we live all along the way. The smitten lovers who marvel every day at the miracle of having met each other are right; it is finding that is astonishing. You meet a stranger passing through your town and know within days you will marry her. You lose your job at fifty-five and shock yourself by finding a new calling ten years later. You have a thought and find the words. You face a crisis and find your courage.
— Kathryn Schulz @ The New Yorker
Weekend @ the New Yorker Fest

To say that I needed the last three weeks to happen at exactly this time and in exactly this way would be a wild understatement. I dig so far into myself during the summer that by the end I can't see anything clearly. I know it's coming and I know why it's happening but that doesn't make it easier, or go any faster. I can't look past it or reach through it: all I can do is wait. My only coping mechanism is to burrow all the way in, which means I lose all perspective along with my sense of humor, and when it finally passes—when that first clean blast of air hits on that first cool morning—it honestly is like a 70-pound weight lifting off my shoulders. So to finally share these long good days with dear good friends makes up for months of holding my breath and praying. And to spend this weekend at the New Yorker Festival listening to smart interviews and thoughtful conversations—followed by meandering walks up gray city streets marked by an already passing season—was for me not only invigorating but truly, madly, deeply essential.