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Watching: Begin Again

If I could write an ode to films that take their sweet time introducing characters and making them infuriating and believable and human, and the importance of letting a small moment ride out just past the point of comfort, and then swerving left instead of following the expected right curve, I could explain the warm, bright, lively charm of this movie. It was exactly what I needed today (summer you motherfucker), a slight story—small stakes, small victories—about people who've almost given up but are still willing to be convinced, still willing to take a hand that's held out by a stranger and say yes.

I also really, desperately needed a movie that made me fall in love with New York again (summer you motherfucker). And not in a glossed-over, high-rise, glamour cat way, but a real-person, horn-honking, street-level way that resembles the city I see every time I step off the curb. Plus my Mark Ruffalo crush (have you seen The Normal Heart?? go watch The Normal Heart!!) is now officially off the charts.

Most of all, hats off to Hollywoodland for once in a while giving us something besides superheroes.