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That’s the way I like it

This comes near the end of Annie Baker’s interview on WTF with Marc Maron (ep. 645):

AB: I have my own very specific sense of humor. There’s a kind of laugh that I hate. Like, I don’t just want laughs.

MM: You don’t want punchline laughs. You don’t want turn-of-phrase laughs.

AB: I don’t want punchline laughs and I don’t want like…

MM: “That’s clever.”

AB: Yeah, I don’t want “that’s clever” laughs. I want every laugh to come from a place of humiliation and recognition.

MM: Sure, the laughter — I say this on stage sometimes — there’s no laughter like the laughter that should be crying.

AB: Yes! And my favorite kind of laughter is like — sometimes when the whole audience laughs raucously, I’m like no, I fucked up, ‘cuz everyone thinks they’re supposed to laugh right now. But my favorite is when like one lady in the fifth row just barks with laughter and everyone else is like, “what is she…?” I like, when I feel like it’s individual people having individual experiences. I don’t really like the "300-person crowd" laugh.

MM: Believe me, I am right there with you — I’ve designed my standup so it’s only for a few people.

AB: That’s the way I like it.

I don't know if it comes from being an introvert or if it comes from being a snob, but this is the way I feel about most things in life, about writing, about blogging, about social media, about places and people and friends: I don't want everybody. I want the right bodies.

Marc Maron shops for pants
The clerk helping me was a chubby fellow with a handlebar mustache. I have no patience for contemporary handlebar mustaches. They anger me. They look indulgent and ridiculous. If you have a handlebar mustache, that is pretty much all you are. You are a delivery system for a handlebar mustache. I saw a guy in Brooklyn once with a handlebar mustache, pierced ears, a fedora hat and jodhpurs. He was a collage of sartorial attempts at evading himself. It looked as if he were interrupted during a shave in the mid-1850s and had to grab some clothes and dress quickly while being chased through a time tunnel.
— Marc Maron