The return of Janet McTeer

Janet McTeer and Liev Schreiber did a TimesTalks tonight [insert hyperlink here] to promote the soon-to-open Dangerous Liaisons [insert French title here] on Broadway. Harriet Walter did not appear, although it's possible she was hiding in the rafters [there were no rafters].

Janet McTeer on being told as a young actress that she'd have trouble getting parts because she's tall: "Make the fucking stage bigger!" [She's pretty tall.]

Liev Schreiber on what it's like to work with Janet McTeer: "Any road Janet takes me down is going to be better than the one I was on." [Liev Schreiber: also tall.]

Anyway: drama, costumes, wigs, looks smokin' hot. Attend, attend!

Talk Radio @ the Longacre

Part of the fun of where I live and where I work is leaving work at 5:20 and walking five blocks south to meet a friend who's in town from Chicago for the night. Enjoying an unhurried meal—my favorite kind of meal, with wine, coffee, dessert, and girl talk—and then heading four blocks north again to see Liev Schreiber in Talk Radio. Liev Schreiber minus his black leather pants from Walking and Talking (Andrew!), that is, but nevertheless. Never have I seen a man disintegrate so thoroughly and physically on stage before; it was like a magic trick, except you don't realize it's happening until it's already happened. Very sly. Somehow, though, suttonhoo and I always manage to attend the wrong talkbacks. This one featured approximately twenty minutes with the Rev. Al Sharpton front and center, which sort of distracted the question askers. I'm not sure it was the appropriate forum in which to quiz the man on O.J. and Don Imus—which seemed rude to the actors sitting around him, if nothing else—but a lot of people had a lot to get off their chests, I guess.