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Mulder, it’s me, you sexy fruitcake

I've been playing fast & loose with mid-'90s nostalgia since they announced The X-Files is coming back: late-night Netflix binges, The X-Files Files, main titles ringtone. There's just nothing like getting a spooky digitized sci-fi call from your dentist (trust no one). 

Flashback 1996 from Entertainment Weekly, also then in its glory days, when I read this collector's issue into the ground. And I still want to be Scully when I grow up. Nobody could cock a weary brow like Scully, if you know what I mean.

Then of course there's Faux Mulder:

+ 9 episodes to get you hooked, Scully likes science, and there's a tumblr called Fox Mulder's Wristwatch that fingers crossed will get more material