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Reading: “Fear and Clothing” by Cintra Wilson
The most undervalued thing in this world is the time, attention, concentration, and patient effort of unhurried human beings. There is a distinct improvement in the quality of life when one is in the midst of that uncelebrated cornball magic known as the “female touch”: that mythical lattice-crusted pie made with blackberries from the garden, cooling on the windowsill, steam rising and threading through curtains nearly transparent from years of washing and ironing. It’s the kind of modest, good-faith creative energy that exists only to dignify and spruce up the immediate vicinity. It is a drive to beautify that never seeks anything so vainglorious as outside affirmation, because it would never put on such ludicrous airs as to call itself “art.” These elegant works are merely (merely!) well-practiced, gorgeously skillful expressions of care.
— Cintra Wilson