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Mary Jane

I saw Carrie Coon in a play today, Mary Jane, which is in previews at the New York Theatre Workshop in the East Village. It's about a single mother caring for her chronically ill son, surrounded by female nurses and doctors and Buddhist hospital chaplains and mothers in similar circumstances (all of the actresses but Coon played multiple roles; there were no men onstage). The character was very much like Nora Durst—who along with Laura Roslin was the greatest TV hero that ever was—which is to say a no-bullshit, take-charge seeker of answers who finds nothing but more questions yet refuses to let go. From now on I'll know them as "Carrie Coon types," whose animating forces are tenacity and fearlessness and hope. 

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Another style shero: Carrie Coon

For the record I agree that "shero" is a ridiculous word, but I read a whole article today on what women are and are not supposed to wear to the DC march next weekend in order to be taken "seriously," so I have no time left for caring about what women can and cannot be. Jesus we love to hand down rules to each other about things that no man in the world would even dream of paying attention to. Wake up, sheeple, wake up! (For the record, I do approve of "sheeple.")

Anyway, check out this picture of Carrie Coon (center), who stars in the upcoming third season of Fargo. I know I bitched about lady shoes just the other day, but everything about this look is truly stellar:

Of course Carrie Coon could wear whatever she goddamn well pleases and still be the best, and anyway pt II, if you are SMART you will already know and love her from The Leftovers, where she plays Nora Durst, the most amazing shero who has ever been or who ever will be. The third (and final) season of that is also upcoming, so you have a lot of work to do.

What a crabby/happy post! The end.