Wear the lipstick

Ella Risbridger at The Pool, on not second-guessing yourself:

One of the things I love best about lipstick is the way it makes you make a little time for yourself, for noticing yourself. This lipstick makes you notice yourself, makes you examine your own face in a new way. Can I wear this? Can I pull this off?

What you’re really asking, of course, is whether it’s your place to wear that kind of lipstick. Whether it’s your place to be so bold, so daring, so dark. Whether people will think differently of you if you wear this kind of lipstick.

I am telling you now: who cares if they do? Wear the lipstick. Wear the lipstick. Wear the lipstick. Your place is exactly where you want it to be.

Source: https://www.the-pool.com/life/life-honestl...

Glamour is very different than beauty. Beauty, to me, is a structural, physical thing that I don’t feel I have. The rules are much stricter. Glamour is a much more inclusive and embracing thing that every woman can take part in. It doesn’t have to be vaudeville, but it’s how a certain spirit shows through, how you put yourself together, and the little touches you do. Glamour doesn’t rely on how big or small your budget is, either. It’s just showing little signs of exuberance, whatever that means to you. Madeleine Albright may not be a structural beauty, but I think she’s really glamorous. She loves brooches, and has a whole collection of these amazing statement pins that she wears for different occasions. That’s what I mean about glamour: it’s exuberance. Most people would look at me like, ‘Are you insane? Madeleine Albright’s glamorous?’ I absolutely think she is because she’s doing the best with herself. That’s glamour to me.
Poppy King @ Into the Gloss