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A little night music, pt II

When: Sunday, July 18, 2004 (4:20 p.m. – 'round midnight)

What: Sting and Annie Lennox at the Tweeter Center, home of the $15.00 Very Gay Frozen Drink (and formerly Chips' place of employment, circa sometime in the distant past. She enjoyed the hot dogs and french fries and fake hamburgers during her tenure there.)

Who: Chips, Salsa, CV, and Trixie, plus approximately 4,000 not-welcome and not terribly well-behaved strangers

Favorite ill-behaved stranger: "sex & music" groupie dancing, dancing, dancing to the beat of her own crackpot drummer

Top food marks: Salsa, who managed to choke down two (fake) hamburgers, one sausage, one pretzel, one box of nachos, one half cup of french fries, and one scoop of pistachio almond ice cream without breaking a sweat. CV applauds his "level of eatingness."

Ultimate verdict: Half & half

Highlight: Boy, that Annie Lennox can kick some ass

Lowlights: Rooooooooooxane. Dunkin Donuts (minus the goddamn donuts).

Trixie's take: Oh, the wasted opportunities. The Donut People might consider serving donuts (the Competition would never send Trixie away Krispy Kreme-less. Although she wonders what it is about so much fried sugar goodness that disables one's capacity to spell.). Mr. Sumner might consider jettisoning the self-indulgent 20-minute jam sessions in favor of a couple more actual like, you know, songs. "Love Is Stronger Than Justice," perhaps. Or "Ghost Story." Or "Don't Stand So Close to Me." Or "Fortress Around Your Heart." Or "Why Should I Cry for You." Huh? Trixie will smooth your ruffled hair, but she can't love you forever if you refuse to give up the goods.

*a little night music, pt I: Rufus Wainwright/Ben Folds at Ravinia on June 18, 2004. Attendees: Mrs. Smith and Trixie. Dim sum dinner plans: scotched in favor of Hot Dog Island (yum-mee). Transport: "Oh, for the love of God, get me off this fucking train." Verdict: Rock on, geek boyz. Here's hoping Rufus brings all the words to his songs next year.

Up next: stay tuned for pt III: Trixie Returns to Ravinia—Alone!—for the Gala Benefit Evening: Night of the Century, where she intends to irritate, annoy, aggravate, and generally vex the Well Heeled, the Well Coiffed, and the Thoroughly Perfumed.