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Flyovers @ 78th Street Theatre Lab

SarahB and I went for a grownup dinner at a restaurant for grownups (West Branch) and then saw a play for grownups ("Flyovers") that was not only all about grownups but even starred four actual grownups (Donna Bullock, Kevin Geer, Richard Kind, and Michele Pawk, who I adore) at a miniature theater on the third floor of some random building on the Upper West Side, for which we paid the awesome, not at all grownup price of $18 per ticket, and which I enjoyed more than any play I've seen in ages. Well done, Off-Off-Off-Off Broadway.

The Dark at the Top of the Stairs

Sarah and I took a trip to the Far Country tonight; i.e., the Lower East Side. It's funny how you know right away which neighborhoods are not for you.

Dinner at The Orchard was spectacular. The Dark at the Top of the Stairs (by William Inge, playing off-off-Broadway at the Connelly Theatre) was a bit of a letdown—disjointed and tentative—save the ever-amazing Michele Pawk, who was all shoulders and slouch and sharp, bruised edges. Give the woman a corset and a fried chicken drumstick and what you get is magic.