Something to do with brown rice

I haven’t taken any pictures of food lately because I’ve been busy photographing my face, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been eating. Ho boy, have I been eating. Here’s a fine dish I modified from one of my favorite blogs, This Is Naive. Tommy eats the best food and is very French about it: simple, elegant, precise. I am one of these things, and only because I’m lazy. Hence the modification.

The original, with pretty pictures besides: Jasmine Porridge Rice

The hillbilly version:

1) Cook brown rice (this step should not be news to you).

2) Toast a handful of sesame seeds in a skillet, then add some chopped pancetta or whatever ham-like meat substance you prefer. Toss in some broccoli florets and heat for as long as you want. If you use pancetta you should not need oil for this, but knock yourselves out. I'm no Communist.

3) Slice up a couple o' scallions.

4) Mix everything together in a bowl.

5) Season with soy sauce and as much sriracha* as you can stand. 

6) EAT.

7) Tonight I got too close to a plastic bag with the hot skillet and things turned a little melty. Feel free to skip this part.

*Also tasty with salmon or sardines or eggs and rice for breakfast. Who am I kidding, I eat it with everything.