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Central Park (South)

Let's meet, oh, say next October 15, at 6:00 p.m. at the corner of 86th and Central Park West. Dusk, you see? Just as the street lamps are firing up for the night. We'll step into the park together and pick up the bridle path just south of the reservoir, and make our way slowly to Tavern on the Green and then wind around back up, on a path next to the loop road this time. It's not so far, maybe 3 miles if you go down to Columbus Circle and back. Not so far at all. Along the way we'll pass runners and walkers and bikers and mothers with babies and teenagers in packs and tourists with totes and tourists in carriages and cops on horses and ancient women with tiny dogs and yuppies with enormous dogs and sweethearts cuddling and vendors hawking pretzels and toddlers on swings and old men on benches and there, way off in the distance, in the coming darkness, right there through the trees, we'll glimpse it: the very big city that's wrapped around this very small town.

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