Outer life

From Outer Life: what happens when you opt out of mass media:

All this has profoundly changed me. I'm stranger than I ever was. I often don't know what's happening. I'm losing the ability to chat. I no longer value the new. I don't want as much as I used to, probably because I've drastically reduced my exposure to advertising. I don't know what's hot or what's cool, living instead at room temperature. I feel better about myself, although my self-criticism is just as incessant and now much more clear-eyed and penetrating. I'm bursting with ideas. I feel an urge to create, an urge I never really felt before. I care less for what others think. I'm less ironic. I'm less predictable, in both good and bad ways. My feelings are more intense: higher highs, lower lows. It's as though I've lost a layer of mental insulation. I'm more connected with the people I love, more alienated from everyone else.
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