Old year’s resolution #1: learn to cook

Here's to making resolutions willy-nilly in December and not waiting until 1/1/16 like some sad hungover desperate lame-o.

The first of my many old year's resolutions is to learn how to cook like a boss. Note that I've made this pledge before and failed. This time I shall not fail. "Failure is not an option!" said every lunatic ever. I actually mean it though.

Obviously I have no intention of deep frying or baking anything, but do look forward to searing and roasting and whatever "braising" is. I also have issues with handling raw chicken parts that sooner or later will have to be dealt with. That's okay, life is about facing your fears and the flesh of dead poultry. 

As with all things, success will depend on setting boundaries and resisting expensive single-use gewgaws, as well as finding and following a few trusty guides who pass the critical test of not pissing me off. (Surefire ways to piss me off include but are not limited to: recipes with more than 12 ingredients; blog posts that feature photos of the same plate of food from 35 different angles; anything low-fat, low-cal, or low-carb.) Here are my key resources thus far:

Brothers Green Eats – these guys remind me of my favorite scene from "Master of None," when Dev makes fresh pasta for himself in his Brooklyn kitchen while he waits for his lady to return from Chicago. Bonus: both brothers are super cute and very hairy!

Canal House Cooks Lunch – this is where I discovered one of my easiest staple meals

Dinner: A Love Story – i.e., home of the best pasta dish known to man

An Everlasting Meal by Tamar Adler

Twelve Recipes by Cal Peternell