Old year’s resolution #3: get a grip

I cut through ROCKEFELLER PLAZA two weeks before CHRISTMAS to get to the POST OFFICE at LUNCHTIME and didn't lose my cool. Those four entities are all discrete hot buttons for me, so the fact that I survived them simultaneously qualified as a major breakthrough. 

Impatience and short tempers are glamorous & all and I excel at both but my goal is to not use them as an excuse to ruin someone else's day. Working in midtown can be exhausting any time of the year but right now it exists on a whole other plane of insanity, and when I'm in a hurry or not paying attention it's so easy to forget that there are thousands of people who come out here to look up at this tree because it's this tree. That's an amazing thing! And I may just be on my way to buy stamps or coffee or Potbelly or whatever but surely I'm mature enough to keep my irritation to myself while I do it. Surely I can succeed at not fucking up somebody else's exciting New York City holiday trip that they probably planned months and months ago and dreamed of and spent $$$$ on and lost sleep over and jumped out of bed for and may never get the opportunity to do again. Surely I can step around and not through. Surely I can take a breath and wait. Surely I can stop and remember what it was to see what they see. SURELY that's possible.