Of note this week

I learned the word bro/brah from my boss, who's up on trendy language markers. We were convening at a mid-workday bridal shower (crepe cake and sparkling cider were served) and she was describing the crowd at a concert the night before; I immediately pictured the mansiere but she followed up later with clarifying hyperlink references for the benefit of us squares. Turns out this is a subspecies of bros known previously to me as meatheads, and I do appreciate the categorical nuance; i.e., more coastal surfing, less Midwestern cow tipping. I get that labels are fluid and frequently misapplied but am inordinately fond of sorting by adopted group behaviors that aren't class or income based. See also: your are miss informed.

The phrase "carb bomb" is easy to mishear. I'm not saying don't use it—free speech, etc.—only proceed with caution re: diction as a courtesy for your listener. Anonymous tip.

If you dream of living/eating in Italy. Sadly I'm more the kind of person who wishes she dreamed of living/eating in Italy, but that's between me & my psyche.

I went with a friend to see this play about Christian spankers Thursday night and during dinner we were talking about childhood dreams and what we wanted to be when we grew up. I couldn't think of anything specific, which was a matter of personal concern until it occurred to me that I grew up dreaming of being actual people and not of career paths. Maybe that's weird but I remain the only person whose head I've lived inside of, so on this one I refuse to self-judge. Anyway, at various stages of personal evolution I wanted to be Chris Evert(-Lloyd), Mary Lou Retton, Dorothy Hamill, Mary Ingalls, Jo March, Laura Holt, Princess Leia, Sabrina Duncan, my second grade teacher Miss Nolan, or Natalie Wood. None of which came to pass, in case you were wondering, which is how I wound up living the dream of automotive marketing.

p.s. Christian spanking is a real thing. Obviously!

Speaking of religions, here's where I tell you to go read this new piece on Kris Jenner and this older piece on Kim Kardashian. I've only seen three episodes of their show but I think it's important to understand and not simply scoff at their whole cultural phenomena. This is a world we're all somehow complicit in forming, however passively and/or unwillingly, by virtue of occupying this time and place and partaking in certain social behaviors that are enabled by certain technological tools, and to reject or imagine yourself above it just seems lazy. BTW I don't know why I delivered this lecture on the K family, I'm not an investor or anything. Merely a curious bystander.

I tried really hard to get into this incredibly well-written and well-received book on raising a goshawk as a grief-coping mechanism but according to Kindle only made it to 33% at which point REMOVE FROM DEVICE. Still a bird-hater, that's what I learned from the hawk book.