Noticing today

1. "Roslin and Adama in bed" and "Battlestar Galactica porn" have become big search terms for this site. Thanks for being perverts, scifi fans! At least you like it classy.

2. Ditto "boob shots." Thanks to you also, boob fans!

3. Would you have dreamed even a year ago that I would start actively hating "The Office"? Because I really, really do. Actively. HATE IT.

4. I didn't watch the halftime show yesterday because I never turned on the TV, but apparently it was either the greatest halftime show ever or the very worst. Get it together, America! For the love of god. But this morning I ordered tickets to see Bruce in concert regardless, because my faith is real. Also, I promised my friends.

5. And I did it even though he no longer looks like this. But I guess I don't look the way I did in the '70s, either, so we'll call it square.

amuse-boucheKari GComment