Not now, thanks, but maybe in the future

From Idle Words, on tech utopianism, my favorite brand of screwball utopianism:

So because powerful people in our industry read bad scifi as children, we now confront a stupid vision of the web as gateway to robot paradise.

Here's Ray Kurzweil, a man who honestly and sincerely believes he is never going to die. He works at Google. Presumably he stays at Google because he feels it advances his agenda.

Google works on some loopy stuff in between plastering the Internet with ads.

FUN FOLLOWUP FACT: all brands of utopianism are screwball. There is no other kind. Furthermore, when it comes to picking an internet side, here's the side I'll pick:

“If you think the Web is a way to CONNECT KNOWLEDGE, PEOPLE, AND CATS, then your job is to get the people and cats online, put a decent font on the knowledge, and then stand back and watch the magic happen.”

In unrelated news, yesterday I was called "Four Eyes" by a grown man trolling Eighth Avenue for tourist fares in a black Town Car (his exact words: "Shut the fuck up, I'm not even talking to you, Four Eyes!"). Four Eyes! As far as burns from randos go, it was painfully obvious, but it also felt like being eight years old again. Good times.