Mandy Patinkin: Celebrating Sondheim

Oh my stars, we haven't talked about Mandy Patinkin singing Sondheim, have we? Well! I'm sure some of you have been crying about that, and all I can say is: grow up! I've had a lot (foodwise) on my plate the last couple of weeks.

Anyway, it snowed like a million feet that Friday, and then the snow turned to ice and slush but I still clomped my way down to The Public, which is in the ridiculous neighborhood of NOHO. Please; why so stupid? Although it does remind me to inform you that I have christened my apartment "The Snuggery," in honor of its smallness, snuggliness, and Franklin D. Roosevelt's mother. Which is a whole other story. Now let's see, what was the point there? Whenever my head takes me off the track, I like to pretend it's all making sense by just starting over with a brand new paragraph or


Sarah and I were planning to eat at a restaurant I have since forgotten the name of, because it was closed, so we had dinner at Colors instead and ended up sitting right next to Mandy Patinkin's wife, Kathryn Grody. It's a good thing I can see in the dark! We tried to keep our voices down while tossing out "love" and "adore" and "nonstalker" and "Mandy Patinkin" at every opportunity, and at the end were allowed to pay the bill, collect our coats, and leave, so I think she was fooled.

And if for some reason you are still reading, here, finally, is the part about Mandy Patinkin: HE WAS AWESOME. The theater was small and we were close and all of the profits went to The Public, and if you like Mandy Patinkin, or Sondheim, or—god help you—both, you would have been in for a real treat. He released this set list a couple of years ago as a live recording called—get this—"Mandy Patinkin Sings Sondheim," and it's a briskly moving little construct of 35 Sondheim songs that flow in and out of each other with very little talk. I was actually kind of sorry about this, because I also love to hear him talk. (Relax, haters.) And it's all tied together with a single piano played by his longtime accompanist Paul Ford. And oh, he sang "Johanna" and "Our Time" and "Waiting for the Girls Upstairs" and "Pleasant Little Kingdom" (I had to pinch Sarah when we got to that one) and "Not While I'm Around" and "All Things Bright and Beautiful" and "Finishing the Hat" (!!!) and "Sunday," and for a couple of hours there it was like sitting in a room with a fine, generous, funny friend who has only good stories to tell. And not only tell, but sing! And not only sing, but sing Sondheim! So, you can probably see where this is going. And I'm terribly sorry you missed it.