Living in the West 80s

Today's real estate section took a walk around my neighborhood:

Of course, the entire West 80s neighborhood, which also encompasses the more commercial streets of Broadway, Columbus Avenue and Amsterdam Avenue, is not so idyllic. But the area does “seem to have a different aesthetic” from its neighbors to the north and south, said Melissa Elstein, the secretary and a founding member of the West 80s Neighborhood Association. Besides streets lined with historic buildings, she said, it has “a lot of healthy restaurants”; an abundance of yoga classes (Ms. Elstein, 49, who has a law degree, now teaches yoga); and many residents who care about the environment.

We also have a lot of old crones who like to feed the birds at the end of my block. One of them pooped on my head this morning (a bird, not a crone), FYI not what I would call "idyllic."

NYCKari GComment