Encores! On the Town

So. Encores! On the Town? Phenomenal. From Christian Borle to Justin Bohon to Jessica Lee Goldyn to Leslie Kritzer to Jennifer Laura Thompson, from such hope and such dreams and such faith and such life comes such music, from Bernstein to Comden to Green, and from Jerome Robbins, such dancing. Oh, such music and dancing! The joy here cannot be overstated, although I surely do my damndest. It was a valentine bursting open from curtain to curtain. Tony Yazbeck I keep separate and close, because his sweetness—genuine, innate—is unlike anything I've ever seen on stage. And Andrea Martin? Well, Andrea Martin can wring a hearty applause simply by saying "bell bottoms" and stumbling into the wings.

If you've never seen an Encores! production, I'm sorry. They are brief and infrequent and consistently the best ticket in town, and everything you need to know about the quality and care they put into these shows was here, in the Playbill, at the top of the song list:

"The 2008–2009 Encores! season is dedicated to the memory of our great friend and tireless supporter, PAUL NEWMAN (1925–2008)."

Then after the show we went across the street to Seppi’s for a glass of wine and I had my tarot cards read. Don't worry, I will let you know what my fortune told when it all comes true, or when I buy the Chrysler Building (which right now is probably going for a song).

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