Capricorn character portrait

Yours is the sign of the bittersweet. There’s your joy of accomplishment and your ability to withstand hardship without whining. Not that you don’t worry—Capricorns are big-time worriers—but you don’t snivel. So along with the joy of good luck, the laughter and the toasts, comes a certain sadness that this will not last forever. Securing your position is what drives you. You’re a mix of reality, hope, insecurity, and dogged ambition. You’re willing to brave rocky terrains where the grass is sparse in order to reach the top of the mountain. Your sign, Capricorn, is associated with the highest point in the zodiac, the 10th house of success, reward and recognition. Saturn, the cosmic teacher/taskmaster, is also the natural ruler of both Capricorn and the 10th VIP house. The climb to success is full of hard work; the fall from the top can be hard. Saturn has the ability to focus and follow through. It sets up the rules that make any society work. When these break down, there’s chaos. Saturn hates chaos. Without Saturn’s wisdom and discipline, Jupiter’s fabled good luck is often frittered or gambled away. Saturn is the secret author of all those books entitled Where Are They Now? and Whatever Happened To? However, don’t think that Caps are all gloom and hard work. They have a marvelous, dry sense of humor. They’re poker-faced and hilarious. Industrious Caps really believe in the golden rule. Sometimes they forget to watch their backs, letting someone else take credit and deprive them of their glory. And yet, Caps can’t see their own worth until they’re able to assume real responsibility. Sure, they may fail—real success for them often comes late in life—but they don’t stop. They pick themselves up and start their climb anew.

— from Cosmopolitan Starcast, 1993 (there's no direct link to this astrological character profile in Cosmo because I clipped it out of an actual issue of Cosmo in 1993. Blast from the past!)