BSG: the final countdown

Yes, I did wake up with a cold this morning but even my imminent demise cannot distract me from the fact that the final half of the final season of BSG starts in 15 days ... bum bum BUM! And right about now it's occurring to me that the sooner it starts, the sooner it will be over, and the thought of that makes me want to hang my head and cry. I think one of the biggest rewards in watching this series unfold has been simply surviving the constant (and frustrating) seasonal and bi-seasonal stops and starts; every revelation has meant that much more for the waiting. And I'm not even a waiter!

So as of today I am, for the first time ever, going spoiler free, because I do not want to ruin this for myself. And for those of you who love me, who have suffered through these random threats and notices for years and years and years (remember when I offered you $2 per episode? you could all be total richies by now!), you have ONE MORE CHANCE TO WIN MY LOVE, or we are done forever. Do you hear me? FOREVER!* Because SciFi is running a special hour-long catch-up promo for you—the laggards, stragglers, and layabouts—on Sunday, 1/11, in which creators Ronald D. Moore and David Eick will teach you the Top 10 Things You Need to Know, and it doesn't hurt that they are both smart and funny and sort of easy on the eyes, as well as master storytellers. And what I promise you in return is that you will get to tag along for the end of one of the richest, deepest, boldest, and most satisfying narrative journeys I have experienced, or that television has ever offered.

Confirming my rightness: Alan Sepinwall, official television critic for the world:

So I will simply say this: I watched the "Battlestar Galactica" premiere last night, and it is brilliant, and it is devastating, and I can't wait to talk about it with all of you on January 16. And if you're fiending for "BSG" and haven't yet watched the "Face of the Enemy" webisodes, you should get started with that.

And the great Maureen Ryan agrees:

"Notion" is a great hour of television, that's all I'll say. It's a reminder of why this is one of the best shows on television.

Now how can you possibly resist that? What are you, life haters? WAKE UP!

*Probably negotiable.