BSG: Sine Qua Non, or the admiral loves the president

I realize my audience of fellow BSGers has dwindled to one, so anniemcq you'll have to indulge me here, and the rest of you can hit the snooze button and go back to your pretty, pretty dreams.

First: a Cylon in charge of the fleet? What could possibly go wrong?

Second: Caprica Six is pregnant with TIGH's baby?

Third: Lee is the president now? That whiny, preachy, self-righteous blowhard? (They hit this pretty straight on the nose and then kept on hitting, and obviously I'm not wild about Lee anyway, so whatever.)

Fourth: How long was that dead cat in that bag?

Fifth: sine qua non: "without which not" or "without which (there is) nothing." According to Romo Lampkin, poet/lawyer extraordinaire: "Those things we deem essential, without which we cannot bear living, without which life in general loses its specific value, becomes abstract."

Dudes, I have been waiting FOUR LONG YEARS for Adama to admit that Roslin is his sine qua non. Oh, We the People have known since at least Season Two that he loved her (and she him), but for a million silly reasons—like the fact that the two of them carried the weight and futures of all humankind on their shoulders—neither could admit it out loud to anybody, and least of all to each other. We the People watched from afar as this relationship foundered and grew and at last took hold, based on nothing but hard-earned trust, abiding respect, and a shared love of words. Necessity. Humanity. Tyranny. Blood and brutality and intergalactic jump after intergalactic jump after intergalactic jump, and shouting by whisper. Really, it took a long time. Long enough for him to realize, finally, that he can't live without her, that she's his One True Thing, and to say it out loud. Long enough for him to give up everything he knows and go floating off into the ether, alone, to wait for her—the dying leader—to return, with only a tattered book and an ocean of stars to keep him company. Will she live if he can somehow wish her back? Of course not. (And for Bill Adama, watching her die will be the only thing more painful than admitting he loves her in the first place. Man's a man.) So he waits. And thus all my soap opera shippery dreams at last are coming true! And all for the good of America.