Weekend in New England

... with stops in Hudson, NY* (stay at the Union Street Guest House and Weston, VT (stay at the Inn at Weston

... and special guest appearances by SarahB and Noah Himmelstein, who directed the new musical Loving Leo at the Weston Playhouse, which occasioned our travels

We enjoyed some stellar meals (e.g., veggie deluxe breakfast at Earth Foods in Hudson and a soupçon of a frittata w/ VT cheddar n' slabs of bacon at the Inn at Weston and experienced life in the slow lane, minus the cell signal and the street garbage and the glorious mating call of endlessly honking goddamn motherfucking horns. I felt that I could live this way forever in some bucolic idyll, and some day doggone it I will.

* All things upwards of Manhattan are New England to me.

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