That special kind of New York (Sondheim) magic

You want luck? Here is luck:

You take the bus to midtown instead of the train because the bus is approaching just as you reach the corner. It's been raining all day so you are wearing bright yellow rain boots, which is probably a mistake.

You head up 53rd Street towards 8th Avenue instead of 54th because even though you took the bus at five o'clock on a weekday, you are 45 minutes early for tonight's special performance of Sondheim on Sondheim on Stephen Sondheim's 80th birthday. And because you are wearing rain boots.

You glance up from beneath your umbrella as you pass the rear entrance of Studio 54 and realize yes, that's Stephen Sondheim walking down the sidewalk towards you in the rain.

You decide—what the hell?—to pull the headphone out of your left ear as you pass him to say—casually, softly—"Happy Birthday, Mr. Sondheim." And Stephen Sondheim turns to you and says, "Thanks. Thank you very much."

See? Luck may be key, but timing is everything.

And then the dude sitting next to you hums along with the music through the entire show, in a register that is clearly not his own. So nothing's perfect.

But then! Your luck turns again, because now you'll always be able to say that you were there the night they announced that they are changing the name of the Henry Miller Theater to the STEPHEN SONDHEIM.

And you can't imagine anything more perfect than that.