Spring is like

This morning I was lugging a box to the UPS shop around the corner (spring returns!) and some guy shouted "Hey lady!" as I passed him. It was raining and the box was heavy so I kept going. "Hey lady!" he called again. "You dropped something!" I stopped huffily and turned around, and he smiled and pointed at the sidewalk: "Yeah, right there's where you dropped my heart." They're everywhere, these sidewalk Romeos, and you ask yourself what's the harm? The answer is I deserve to go about my business without being forced to participate in an interaction I neither initiated nor appreciate, and yet. I only have so much rage to power me through the day, and I save most of that for drivers who won't stop honking and people who wear backpacks on the subway.

When I left the store, the same guy was helping an old lady pick up some packages that had slipped out of her shopping cart. His own grocery bag rested at his feet in the rain and he was stacking hers gingerly for her, one by one. For a couple of minutes the world was getting along fine.

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