Promenade Plantée

Well, the holiday is over and I go back to work at 3:00 p.m. today. Crazy! But how else could I afford to spend a month in Paris? Nobody's paying me to sit around, drink wine, and look pretty. Not yet, anyway. (What are they waiting for?) So I will spend my late afternoons and evenings listening to Paris. Which sounds nothing like New York because people here are capable of communicating in languages other than honking, apparently. It's refreshing to both the ears and nerves.

This morning I had breakfast at Miss Manon right up the street, which you may remember from February. Crazy again! But here I am anyway. (Croissant, fresh-squeezed orange juice, café au lait. I have a great talent for the cliché.)

After breakfast I wandered up to the Bastille and strolled the Promenade Plantée. You know that movie Before Sunset with Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy? They strolled there also. It's built up above the streets, so you get a good look at the rooftops from there. It's a little like the High Line in New York, only it was here first, and is French. I didn't walk as far as I should have and will have to go back, although I suspect something got lost in this translation from the French Wikipedia page: "From Bastille, the first walk follows a route south-east on the viaduct for the Arts, a dozen meters above the Daumesnil. At the Montgallet Street and the Town Hall on 12th arrondissement, it crosses the garden Reuilly by BZ/12 bridge and then descends to street level and continues later in the form of an email on the Avenue Vivaldi." If I figure out later what that means, I will text you.

Today's gallery features a lot of plants and a lot of rooftops. J'aime les toits, obvs.