Partridge in a pear tree

My final gift for you! I have a legitimate soft spot in my cold dead heart for this miniseries, which alone should prove to you its worth (plus my father loves it). Who among us cannot cheer for a plucky freckled orphan with hair as red as carrots who gets adopted by a crotchety spinster portrayed by Colleen Dewhurst, of all people, the same crafty-eyed sage who brought sense and sensibility to that blind skating classic, Ice Castles (costarring "voice of beast" Robby Benson)? And I can't even begin to talk about Richard Farnsworth, Mr. Earnest Mustache, oh my stars in heaven. Anyway, it'll make you cry, which is all anybody can ask for after spending all these clams on other people.

Recommended for: lonely old crones who live down the street, unless they think the carrots are for soup.

p.s. Merry Christmas, my little gingersnaps!