Musée Rodin

I love how you walk off of some unassuming narrow little street and find this waiting inside, and how we all just take our normal selves into these places and stroll around like we're shopping for toilet paper at Walmart. The more I see the more I feel like I should be bowing or kneeling everywhere I go, although I suppose that would be distracting.

Note that I'm talking more about the art here than the walled enclosure or palatial trappings; I'm not actually advocating a return to the feudal estate, particularly since I'm sure I'd be one of those in charge of upkeep rather than one of those being kept up. I just dig the general grounds, so to speak, and am searching for the appropriate way to communicate "awestruck." Do I jump up and down? Weep? Wave my arms in the air? Wave my whole body? What's the artistic equivalent of delivering a high-five? Throwing money? Praying? Nothing feels right or enough, or not bordering on insane.