House of Cards

I enjoyed the holy hell out of this but the plotting went right off the rails for me in episode 11, less for the Dramatic Parking Garage Incident than the idea that the vice president of the United States wants to be the governor of Pennsylvania. In terms of lateral or—let's be honest—downward-facing career moves, I just don't buy that you can stick that jack back in that box.

But my god, Robin Wright. The clothes! The hair! The bone structure! I met a personal trainer yesterday morning who said she has to talk a lot of her clients (gently) out of the notion that they can create celebrity bodies through exercise. Most celebrities, she said, are genetic freaks, and we regular people simply cannot have that. As if my brain needs to be reminded that I have a better chance of looking like Kevin Spacey than Robin Wright.

My favorite scene was in episode 10, when the Amazonian queen visits the bloggish waif and ruffles through her closet.