Normal awesome girl

I keep trying to "like" summer but my psyche isn't having it. This is the part of the year where I'm stuck in the weeds and the part of the Internet where I drop on you the opposite of FOMO, or whatever that trick of skewed perspective is that lifestyle bloggers and Instagrammers are always projecting to their millions of fans.

For example I used to follow this one girl on Instagram who every single day would post pictures of these artfully arranged bouquets of peonies in teacups or the cover of an obscure, grossly expensive pictorial magazine, or her stupid pug sitting on some tufted sofa, and every single day she would get over 300 likes on this nonsense. And at first I thought oh man, I want my life to look that good, but after a while I started to wonder, where's the mess? Where are the days you look and feel like this? Or the days when something like this happens? The pictures eventually made me actively hate this total stranger, who's possibly a really lovely person, and that's when I knew it was time to quit Instagram.

Anyway this is what summer looks like from my sofa. Of course it's terrible.