Great performances

In a million years I'll never forget the wild delicious flutter my heart made when Bernadette Peters emerged from the wings to meet Mandy Patinkin in the middle of the stage to sing this song (etc.). Her smile at 2:57! Oh these crazy kids, with their ecstatic harmonies and important hand gestures, it's almost too much to process.

the Mandy Patinkin Youtube rabbit hole — can't believe I missed this ("Mandy Patinkin doesn’t just play a Jew on Homeland, he's one in real life." — !!) — and Mandy Patinkin on the set ("One doesn't so much interview Mandy Patinkin as prompt him. A simple icebreaker about Saul's hirsute appeal leads to a swooping, six-minute soliloquy on 'the broken family of man.' ")