Go read Nico

I’m so interested in the nature of a city being perfect for certain activities: isn’t it the case that New York imposes its energy on visitors, and sort of insists on certain ways of doing things? You realize that little things — when school lets out, for instance, or, in hotter climes, the necessity for an afternoon siesta — all add up and start imposing patterns on our days. Perhaps a good use for poor Jonah Lehrer is to be air-lifted into the world’s capitals and do some research on this.

—Nico Muhly

SarahB and I attended one of Nico Muhly's curated music-mash performance evenings at Le Poisson Rouge last week, wherein we voluntarily stood in a dark bar on a concrete floor in work clothes for nigh on three hours and came away rewarded, charmed, and vastly entertained. Check out his blog and you will do the same, minus the shin splints and intro by Ser Peter Gelb.