Daily upside down

I work from 3:00 p.m. to midnight here, which is a modification of my normal, already modified New-York-on-Chicago-time schedule; it took me four days to figure the math right and realize I wasn't supposed to be knocking off at 11:00 but 12:00, and even then it was still a shock. The sun doesn't set for good until something like 10:30, but by the time the whistle blows I'm already in bed; I shut down my laptop, turn over to flip off the light, flop onto my stomach and zzzzzzzz, gone baby gone. Must be the air. Next thing I know it's morning and I hear a thousand fresh croissants calling my name from the streets—and let me tell you, friends, I answer. Je ne suis pas dum-dum. But I still feel a little off balance.

This morning I went back up to Belleville to have coffee with my new American friend Judah, who's been teaching English in Paris for a year and who, sadly, leaves next week. Ain't that the breaks!

Up top is the view from the Parc de Belleville.