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Reckoning with Thelma and Louise  Carrie Fry and Maud Newton weigh the legacy and gratuitous baggage of one of my all-time favorite films: “I don't think if you really enjoyed the hell out of, say, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid you had to do quite so much hard thinking about whether that meant you were deeply hostile to trains.” (The Awl)

Brackets for this year's Tournament of Books  The Morning News winds up for March Madness, literary-nerd style. The Fault in Our Stars! The Fault in Our Stars! Competition begins March 4.

Marc Cherry Shares His Memories of Writing for Golden Girls  I always try to picture the type of person who doesn't love Golden Girls. I figure they're part lizard. (New York Magazine)

See also: Sitcom Smackdown Round 1: Roseanne vs. Malcom in the Middle  Margaret Lyons on Malcolm jumping the shark: “Like Roseanne, later seasons weren’t as good — not necessarily because of, but certainly coinciding with, the addition of a new baby. Ugh, babies! Is there nothing they can't ruin?” (New York Magazine)

Can Opera Play at the Movies?  Roxana Robinson considers what's lost, but mostly gained, with Met Opera HD broadcasts: 

Opera may still be an imperial phenomenon, but it’s no longer limited to the imperial city. On certain Saturday afternoons, a tidal surge moves quietly throughout the country. People in parkas and jeans make their way through the streets of small towns, from parking lots behind the bank or along the railroad tracks, toward an old movie theatre. They’ve paid twenty-five dollars to sit for several hours in a darkened house, where they’ll enter an ecstatic realm. (The New Yorker)

Stolen Sausage Costume Returned to Bar  Let's hear it for my Homeland: “The Italian Sausage was stolen Feb. 16 and spent that night barhopping throughout Cedarburg.” (Fox Sports Wisconsin) 

If Strunk and White Titled Some Famous Novels Eschew surplusage, etc.

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