Better love elsewhere

From the New York Post:

I was fed up with New York,” says Stephanie, a 35-year-old financial adviser. “There is a certain mind-set men have of always wanting more, of never being satisfied with what they have.”

So she traded coasts for Los Angeles, fell in love and eloped within two months. She’s certain she never would have met a man like her husband, Fred, had she stayed in New York.

“He wanted to settle down and be in a loving relationship,” she coos of her 42-year-old husband, who works in corporate sales.

“He was honest and ruled by his heart, not money or status.

Gross. That's why me & my girlfriends spend all our non-crying time with the gays.

My abandoned womb does wish to thank the Post for working "barren" right into their headline blurb however. Now we're reminded that we are also missing babies. What a great way to start yet another childless, manless, gin-soaked weekend!

That's It, I'm Leaving New York! (via The Awl, via The Daily Blague)