An email from my father

I'm pretty sure the reason DG sent this email was to have it reprinted for the world to see, since he's so clearly lacking in self-affirmation and... what's the word? Oh, right! Confidence.

You will be thrilled, I'm sure, to hear that I took first place in my age category in the 7th annual Port Aransas "Beach Dash," this morning. They have a 2 mile walk, a 5k run & a 10k run along the beach down from our Condo. Mom sat on one of our beach chairs to watch me & the other runner's blaze by.

I ran the 5k the 5k turn around was between the 11 & 12 mile marker & since I ran up on the sand beach road instead of right on the beach I went too far & lost about 2 minutes. I also lost time when I stopped to talk to Dave & Theresa & I also lost time when I stopped to talk to Mom. Despite all that I still finished in 44:44 & good enough for first place in my age category. I was blazing.

I got a long sleeved t-shirt & they will be sending my award in the mail. Mom joined me to watch the awards presentation & she was impressed. It was awesome.

The fact that I was the only entry in my age category had nothing to do with the results. It did not diminish my pride in my effort one bit. I was awesome with a super human effort. Mom was so proud of me & I wore my new shirt when we joined the O's for lunch today with Raymond & Phyliss.

Just thought you would all want to know about the amazing & fabulous achievements of your father.

Indeed! And the kicker:

go to;

then go to 2011 "results"

go down to 70 plus you will note your father.

Be Proud!!!!! as I & your mother are. Love, DAD & mom!!!!!!!