A weekend in five awesome steps

A flood: the toilet explodes! The pump that connects to the handle pops off, the lid at the back of the toilet pops up, water water everywhere. Fifteen hours later it's fixed, like nothing ever happened. I know: never trust a toilet.

A miracle: There's a good show on at Roundabout. Has this ever happened before? I kid, although no I do not wish to become a subscriber and why do you send me not one but two pieces of every junk mail? It's rude to presume I want to hear from anyone twice, three or four times a month. My mailbox says plague on all your houses. Still, "Brief Encounter": thumbs up up up. Enchanting's the word and also "swoon": theatrical grandeur on the smallest of scales, and every detail tells.

An exhibit: Anne Morgan's War at The Morgan, "Rebuilding Devastated France, 1917–1924." Learning about a small band of women "who left comfortable lives in the United States to devote themselves to relief work in France during and after World War I" (I quote), while outside, two stories below, BAM BAM BAM go the drums of the Mexican Day Parade. Coffee & cake in the café.

A porch: Southwest Airlines keeps a porch at Bryant Park. We reclined in Adirondack chairs and drank sodas, we kicked back in a swing and watched parents feed pigeons. Parents! You should know better than that. They don't, though. Nobody ever does. And life goes on (just like pigeons).

A film: "To Be and To Have" ("Être et avoir"). When you are feeling blue about people, or life in general, or Sundays specifically, you should watch this sad, sweet, generous little film. It's a perfect gem.

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