Out-of-towners come to town

What a whirlwind weekend spent walking, eating & drinking* our way through 2 whole boroughs, just like True Left Wing/East Coast (Oxymoron) Americans. In short order, we: 

  • Said hello Friday night
  • :-) 
  • Had drinks at Oceana
  • Saw Bad Jews at the Laura Pels
  • Had dinner at Sosa Borella
  • Said good night
  • Said good morning Saturday
  • Walked across the Brooklyn Bridge
  • Had brunch at AlMar
  • "Toured" the Brooklyn Brewery
  • Had drinks at Hotel Delmano
  • Had dinner at Kilo
  • Said good night
  • Said good morning Sunday
  • Had brunch at Frankies 570
  • Walked up the High Line
  • Walked through Chelsea Market
  • Walked through Central Park
  • Had drinks at the St. Regis
  • Walked through Turtle Bay
  • Said "bonjour!" to the UN
  • Walked all the way back to 8th Avenue
  • Said goodbye
  • :-(
  • Said "see you in Tampa in May!"
  • :-)

* I just keep on hitting that future SEO nightmare button.

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