3 things

Google News tells me something unpleasant nearly every time I open the Internet, except for this bit about BP owing us $1 million a day in royalties on spilled oil, which comes straight from my old pals at Business Week, who for some reason I thought had gone out of business. (I don’t understand. Did McGraw-Hill sell this magazine to the mayor?) I will pick up my portion of this alleged windfall weekly, preferably on Tuesday mornings at the Parisian Deli on Columbus, where I also like to buy Starbucks Doubleshot Energy+ in a can. Yes, I will accept payment in gumballs and/or moonbeams. Or canned energy, I guess. And please tell me what it is about this deli that is in any way Parisian, because thus far I’m feeling duped.

I totally forgot the second thing.

No. 3: My desktop wallpaper supports gay marriage via wordless, nonviolent technical revolution!

UPDATE: Back it up to the second thing, which I remembered at the bus stop:

Devil-gotten sinners,
Throwing back their heads,
Fiddling for their dinners,
Kissing for their beds.

That’s Dorothy Parker rocking the charts.